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Content Marketing is Essential to any Successful Online Marketing Plan

Optimizing your website for conversion can drive more traffic and leads.

Using a combination of marketing strategies you can maximize your websites potential.

The Internet is centered around the transfer of information from one party to another. The majority of this information is in the form of website content: articles, news, images, video, infographics, database interaction, etc. In today’s search engine marketing world it is essential to produce and publish new relevant content for your website on a regular basis. There is simply no other way to achieve high rankings in the major search engine results pages (SERPs) without doing so.

The good news is that there are various types and ways to produce content for most any topic. Fresh relevant content can be produced in the form of company news, press releases, industry articles, product/service articles, technical product information, as well as countless other forms. There are also many methods of publishing and distributing content that provide businesses various ways to reach and interact with their customers.
MarketFunction can help you analyze your marketing plan and help integrate a content plan that is centered around increasing your website traffic and leads. We have the experience to conduct keyword research and determine the most often inquired about topics and subjects. Using this info we work with you to develop a plan to produce frequent and unique content for your website.

Content Writers
Often times small businesses don’t have the staff or man hours to devote to writing their own content. Other times, a competent copy writer is not available on a businesses staff making this very difficult for small busineses to accomplish. MarketFunction can help you find an conent writer of all levels. From novice content writers to produce general website copy to experts in your industry that can write magazine and editorial quality wriring for you website.