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Drive More Leads by Optimizing your Website for Conversion

Optimizing your website for conversion can drive more traffic and leads.

Well, it’s not quite that easy. But, we can help you drive more leads/sales through your website.

Most businesses have a website to show potential customers information and details about their products and/or services after the initial customer contact has been made. Most basic company websites also provide details regarding company location and information regarding team or staff members. However, few companies have a website that engages new visitors and converts them into customers. Market Function has years of experience using website conversion optimization techniques to build websites that attract new visitors and converts them into customers.

Present a Clear, Concise Message that Speaks to your Target Visitors

The key to optimizing your website is to clearly present your value propositions and provide visitors with easy points of contact. This is accomplished by expertly placed call-to-action’s (CTAs) that attract and entice visitors to click and visit certain pages. Once visitors are attracted to these target pages (landing pages) of your site, the visitor will be presented with information about the advantages to working with your company and various methods of contacting your business.

Success is achieved over time by testing different messaging and CTAs. Performance tracking and metrics are used to determine which methods convert the highest quality visitors. This ensures that all efforts are focused on driving the highest quality leads possible for the lowest cost.

If you can answer NO to any of the following questions, Market Function can help you optimize your website for conversion:

  1. Do you track website visits with a statistical tracking program (e.g. Google Analytics)?
  2. Does your website have a contact form that visitors can easily find?
  3. Do you have CTA buttons placed in highly visible areas of your site to drive visitors to your target/landing pages?
  4. Can visitors get to all of your target/landing pages in one click?
  5. If you sell products, do you display real-time inventory for visitors to browse?
  6. If you sell products, do you sell your products online?