Online Advertising Strategies that are Tracked for Success

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Placing Your Ads in front of the Eyes of Your Target Audience

Placing your online advertisements with the appropriate media outlets can be a very effective marketing strategy.

We can help you formulate the appropriate online advertising strategy that attracts the right customers.

An often overlooked way of generating web site traffic is to promote your website on other popular or industry relevant websites. Traffic received via these sources is known as ‘referral’ traffic and can be some of the most targeted traffic your website can receive. If your ad or website link is properly positioned on other key industry websites you could receive direct clicks from their visitors to your site. Typical examples of this are industry associations, blogs, or other organizations where your potential customers conglomerate. Visitors of other similarly themed websites share the same interests as your business and are potential customers. These visits are highly targeted and often have high conversion rates as a result.

Producing Positive Ad Budget ROIs through Research, Tracking, and Testing

Market Function can analyze your market and determine potential advertising opportunities and website promotional partners. We’ll analyze your competitors and see where they are advertising. Combining this competitive research with our own advertising options search, we can be sure to determine an effective ad placement strategy. We can help you sift through the sea of potential ad opportunities and help you select the best possible advertising options. We’ll also work to set up tracking mechanisms to ensure that all advertising efforts are tracked and producing a positive ROI.

Other opportunities for promoting your website exist through sponsorship of and membership in industry relevant organizations. Often times sponsorship and membership opportunities are available via industry trade associations or other non-profit organizations that promote a specific interest or group. These organizations provide a conduit to reaching your target audience and present a great opportunity for promoting your website within the organization.