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Paid Search Advertising is Essential to Every Online Marketing Plan

Paid search advertising or is an extremely effective digital marketing method used to generate sales, leads, and brand awareness. Every time a search is conducted targeted advertisements are displayed at the top of the search engine results page above any other results. These advertisements are the main source of revenue for search engines and as a result, each year these paid ads take up more and more real estate on the web page. This makes it all the more important to have a paid search campaign working for your company.

Expert PPC Advertising Management to Drive Leads with a Positive ROI

Paid search campaigns can often be an overwhelming task for a small business to organize and manage. Market Function can help you set up a paid search advertising campaign that fits your budget and effectively promotes your business. One of the fastest ways to generate traffic for your website is through paid search. With the proper bidding strategy, ad copy, landing pages, and management of your paid search campaign, this method of search engine marketing can be highly cost effective.

Paid search marketing is an effective online marketing strategy used to drive leads and brand exposure.

Businesses can drive cost-effective leads with the right paid search marketing tactics.

Our process begins by researching the keywords your customers are using to find your products and/or services. We then determine the popularity of those keywords to establish how much to bid on each keyword to achieve the desired ad placements and position. We work within your budget to develop creative and enticing ads to generate attention and attract clicks to your website. These new visitors will be presented with a clear message and contact methods for conducting business with your company. The results of each campaign will be accurately tracked making it easy to determine what is and what is not working.

The beauty of paid search advertising is the ability to test and track results down to the penny. Paid search advertising is nearly entirely trackable so that you can be sure you are getting a positive ROI on your investment. Even phone calls generated via paid search can be tracked so that you can be sure of how many interactions your campaigns are driving.

Market Function has experience managing paid search campaigns large and small. Whether your advertising budget is hundreds of dollars a month to thousands of dollars a month, Market Function can help you set-up PPC ads that generate leads and more business for your company.