PPC Ad Copywriting to Increase Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Visits

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Group Keywords in Ad Groups to Target your PPC Ads

Effective paid search (PPC) ad copy writing can increase your click through rates (CTR)

Paid search ad writing is similar to classifieds as you have to write compelling copy to make your ad stand out.

The best way to place targeted advertisements in the eyes of potential customers is to group your keywords by relevance and search intent. Building ad groups allows you to build a targeted ad and landing pace that speaks to each group or segment of searchers. For instance, if you were selling red shoes, you would have a better success rate writing ads about red shoes and webs pages about red shoes if there searcher was searching red shoes. Alternatively, if they were searching blue shoes, you want to discuss the blue shoes you sell and show the visitor your selection of blue shoes. Grouping keywords and developing targeted messaging is key to achieving high conversion rates.

Paid Search Ad Copywriting that Drives Clicks and Increases CTR

Paid search ad copy writing is an art. You have a very limited amount of space and characters to display your value proposition and entice viewers to click. Your headline is limited to 25 characters, followed by 70 characters of description text to reinforce your headline. It is very important to test and re-test various headlines within each ad group to determine what types of messaging performs the best. Market Funciton has experience writing, testing, and re-writing and re-testing various ad groupings and messaging to find the right formula for success.