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Paid Search Campaign Management: Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

Paid search campaign management provides you with the expertise you need to generate a positive ROI on your PPC campaigns.

We provide expert campaign management so you and your team can focus on running your business.

Successful paid search campaigns require continual monitoring and testing to achieve the highest conversions rates and maximize your marketing spend. By analyzing the proper metrics and statistics, Market Function can help you develop enhanced campaigns and used advanced advertising settings to distinguish and separate yourself from the competition. We can also wade through the overwhelming amount of tracking data and provide you with the paid search advertising metrics that make sense to you and help you run the business more successfully.

Successful PPC Campaigns through Market Research & Testing

We provide detailed monthly performance reporting to track your paid search campaign performance. Combined with internal lead tracking we can calculate a specific ROI for your paid search. We can quickly determine what is working and what isn’t and ultimately determine the optimum paid search budget for your company.

Specializing in A/B split testing, we can help setup various paid search ad copy and landing page tests to determine the most effective messaging the drives the most clicks and leads.

For more advanced and larger campaigns, Market Function will can help create custom reports for any person in your organization. We can help you generate and distribute essential paid search data to the right people in your company. Automatically send billing reports to accounting or send campaign summary data to the marketing director and any predetermined frequency. We can also help set up complex and in-depth analysis to monitor and track any performance aspect of any campaign. We can be sure to maximize your paid search spending through performance tracking and metrics.