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Formulating a PPC Keyword Bidding Strategy to Drive Targeted Leads

Optimize your keyword bidding strategy and find the right paid search keywords to bid on.

Balancing keyword popularity and competition is key to a successful PPC campaign.

Paid search advertising or pay per click advertising campaigns are centered around keyword bids. You select a list of keywords to bid on, and then specify the amount you are willing to pay for each click (visit) to your website. The basic principles of PPC advertising are actually quite brilliant…where else can you get your viewers to tell you their intent before you get to specify how much to pay for each of their website visits. Paid search campaigns provide businesses the ability to advertise to only web searches who posses a very targeted interest in their business or website.

It is important to perform exhaustive keyword research in order to identity all of the potential angles for driving relevant traffic to your website via paid search. In addition to keyword research it is also important to perform competitive research to determine who else is bidding on terms relevant to your business. By balancing keyword relevance, bid amounts, and competition versus your budget and goals a list of keywords to bid on can be developed.

Paid Search Advertising Ad Positioning and Placements

Keyword bidding and strategy extends beyond the initial setting of the bids. You then must manage those bids and monitor them to ensure your ads are being placed in an effective ad position and driving relevant traffic that is producing high quality leads. There are a number of filters and controls available to allow for your bids to only be displayed during certain times fo the day or days of the week. You can also choose in what locations your ads display. Other variables include adjusting your bids by time of day or by location of visit. The complexity of bid strategy can be overwhelming for a small business owners who are unfamiar with paid search. MarketFunction can help you understand the complexities of keyword bidding and help you develo an effective strategy for driving leads at the lowest cost possible.