Paid Search Landing Page Development that Drives Conversions

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Attracting Conversions through Targeted Paid Search Landing Pages

Paid search marketing landing page design helps increase conversion rates.

Good landing page design is essential to converting traffic to visitors.

One of the most overlooked aspects of managing a paid search campaign is landing the visitor you paid for on a page that promotes them to convert into a lead, business opportunity, or take the desired action (e.g. make a purchase, download an e-book, etc.). If you are not landing paid search visitors on pages that are optimized for conversion you could be letting potential customers slip through the cracks and you are paying for too many unconverting visitors.

Scientifically Placed Landing Page Elements Promotes Conversions

It is essential to develop targeted landing pages that speaks to the visitors needs. A concise, direct headline and sub-headline need to communicate your value proposition while a highly visible call-to-action needs to entice the visitor to connect with your company and engage in business. Most online business connections are made via a form or a phone number. By properly positioning and developing the messaging for these elements will improve your conversion rate and generate more business.

Most successful paid search advertising campaigns include various landing pages with targeted messaging to capture the best ROI. Market Function has the expertise to develop conversion optimized landing pages that convert visitors. We’ll also help you develop A/B split tests to test new messaging in an attempt to find the highest converting message. By testing, tracking, and re-testing, we are sure to find the right formula for success!