Website Content Management Systems for Small Businesses

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Putting the Power of Your Website Back in Your Hands

Website content management systems allow users to easily create and edit website content.

Content management systems put the power of your website in your hands instead of your web developer.

Market Function can help put the power of your website back in your hands. We’ll provide you with an easy way to make your website edits without having to contact an expensive web developer every time you want to make a simple change – or wait for them to do it. We can help you select a content management system (CMS) that allows you and your employees the opportunity to create your own content and maintain the data on your website.

WordPress Provides a Low-Cost, Flexible Option to Small Businesses

For most small businesses these days, the obvious CMS of choice is WordPress. WordPress began as a free blogging software and has now become the world’s most widely used content management system. The biggest advantage to using WordPress is the widespread development of plugins and other code that usually comes at no additional cost to the user. In most cases, common website functionality that you’ll see on most websites can be mimicked on your own site with the use of these free tools.

WordPress also has a number of standard ‘themes’ that are widely available and customizable to provide a base, cheap design to get your website launched. Most themes can be customized to produce an originally look and feel. This option minimizes the overall design costs and can be an option for some businesses.

For more complex businesses a more advanced content management or custom content systems may be the better option. For companies that want to integrate their internal product database and publish it to their website are better suited with a custom content management system that can provide advanced functionality. Market Function has experience in developing custom content management solutions for small businesses.

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