Integrate your Sales Tracking Software with Your Website

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Connect Your Website to Your Sales Tracking Software

Contact resource management (CRM) tools integrated with your website can provide numerous advantages.

Integrating your local IT systems with your website can allow for seamless lead tracking and valuable reporting.

Connecting your business intelligence systems, such as your website and your contact resource management system (or lead management system) can provide you with extremely valuable data to help run your business more efficiently. Tracking your leads and which leads convert into sales can provide you with vital business data that can help you determine an accurate ROI on your marketing dollars. Website information can be delivered directly into your sales tracking software to provide your sales team and managers with real-time information they need to sell the most. This connection also provides managers and marketing personnel with other aggregate metrics which can provide them with valuable business data.

Integrating Marketing Data with your Internal Business Management Software

Going beyond tracking sales leads, your website data can also be integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to provide a seamless repository for all of your company’s data. This is today’s standard for conducting business and communicating with everyone in your organization. Market Function has experience working with industry leading ERP solutions and can help integrate your online assets with your internal business intelligence software.

There are a number of available CRM or ERP solutions that can fit your business. Depending on the level of complexity and how your company does business. For many small businesses, can provide a low-cost, scalable CRM package that is accessible worldwide. Another simple lead management solution is Leads360, which can provide a sales force with an effective tool to manage a large number of leads from many sources.

Whatever the solution, Market Function has worked with a number of CRM and ERP products. We can help you manage the installation and project. We have a wide base of IT and computer knowledge to help build a solution for your company.