Using Online Marketing Statistics & Data to Track Goals

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Making Sense of Website Statistics and Translating them into Results

Online website statistics and tracking can provide valuable insight into how customers interact with your website.

Market Function can help make sense of website statistics to help you run your business smarter.

If you are not tracking your website visits you may be missing valuable opportunities. Understanding who visits your site, where they came from, and how they interact with your content will teach you which visits are valuable to your business and who to target in future marketing efforts. It also will teach you what information visitors are looking for when they visit your site.

Monitoring the correct website metrics relevant to your business and industry is vital in order to extract valuable business information and make informed decisions about future online marketing efforts. There are an overwhelming number of metrics available to track and it is important to filter out the ‘noise’ and analyze the primary drivers that influence your business the most. It is important to identify the best sources of traffic and focus your future marketing efforts in areas geared towards driving more of it.

Ensuring Your Websites Pages are Properly Indexed

The search engines now provide webmasters a peak into their search index and how Google and Bing view your site. Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools show the indexing status of your site, keywords your pages rank on, and any issues that they have reading your content. Website owners can sign up and monitor these metrics to ensure your site is positioned highly in the results pages.

Market Function can help you measure and monitor the proper website statistics and metrics that matter to your business. The most common, free option is Google Analytics which can provide a wealth of website usage information at no cost to the user. We can help you configure Google Analytics and set-up reports and dashboards to save you time while delivering valuable business information to your Inbox. Contact us today to learn more…